Venture 222 goose neck hardware missing???

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Venture 222 goose neck hardware missing???

Post by AeroMech_215 » Sun Aug 18, 2019 1:02 pm

There looks to be missing hardware on the bottom of the goosneck where it attatchs to the mast. Without it, the boom can twist. It lines up perfectly with the sail track, plus it has threads in the hole. I was curious if someone could share a photo of this on thier boat? Is there some sort of special block that slide into the track and is secured in place with a bolt? Or does a bolt head simply ride in the track and extends through to thread into this bracket? Or is this a hole for something else and everything will be fine without it? ... sp=sharing

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Re: Venture 222 goose neck hardware missing???

Post by Maraquita » Sun Aug 18, 2019 4:33 pm

That looks like the gooseneck on my old V-25. The boat had a "Roller Furling" boom. I will bet that the main sheet on yours attaches (or did at one time) to the far aft end of the boom and had provisions there of some sort for rotating also. On my boat the bolt that fit in that hole filled the mast track fairly well and did not go into any sort of block or nut. It was simply a loose fitting wing headed bolt that was loosened in order to rotate the boom and roll up the main sail for furling. I never liked the way the system worked and replaced it with basic slab reefing very quickly. Then I moved the main sheet up to the mid point on the boom and ahead of the tiller.

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