Jbug AKA MAC 25 Sea Trial

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Gilligan and mate
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Jbug AKA MAC 25 Sea Trial

Post by Gilligan and mate » Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:48 pm

OK... here it goes. Gilliagn took his mate out for a sea trial of our new to us 85 mac 25. We cleaned her up and painted her a sporty red. We put her in the sound off the NC coast with no mast or motor. Wanted to make sure there were no leaks. After getting her in the water.... did i mention i have never owned a boat before, or ever backed a trailer. was interesting. Almost had to offer my truck to Neptune to get trailer deep enough. We pulled (by hand) the Jbug about 100 yards into sound. Never saw anyone mention on here how difficult it is to get into a sailboat when in the water with no ladder. We had the time of our life. Had a 2 foot chop with white caps. Found 2 small leaks, about 10 gallons every 2 hours. We bilged it into the cockpit........ except one of the holes was in the hose from cockpit to thru hull on back. Previous owner tried to unclog the hose with a two foot screwdriver. SOOOOOOO the water we were pumping was going back into the boat. I had to work on Monday and the mate wanted to stay aboard. She mistakenly lowered the keel trying to steady the boat. Did i say i was in about 5 feet of water? Well she got scared when the boat hit bottom and abandoned ship. All worked out well. Can not wait to patch her up and get back on water. Thanks to everyone on here who has answered my questions.

Bill Reichert
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Re: Jbug AKA MAC 25 Sea Trial

Post by Bill Reichert » Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:46 pm

A person that can laugh at their own mistakes is a happy person. Thanks for sharing the humor.
My first time launching a power boat was equally interesting. It was a loaner from my boss. He showed me everything except the hole that the drain plug should go into. After tying it to the dock, it seemed to be sitting lower in the water. As I kept looking it kept getting lower. I managed to get it back on the trailer and drain it and find the plug.

My first sailboat had an old 50 out board. I learned two lessons. #1 Don't store the motor in a wood shop. While trying to start the motor, my Seiko database watch with my costomer data on it unlatched and I watched in amazement as it sank in 60' of water. (Lesson #2. Use a sports band if you take a watch over water.)
When we got home, I tore down the carb and discovered a splinter of wood in the main jet.
A splinter of wood did the same thing in my Renault Dauphine many years earlier.

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