Fueling while on trailer

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Re: Fueling while on trailer

Post by BOAT » Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:48 am


This is California. :?
I can't buy gas that does not have crap in it - ethanol and other stuff is in there and you can't get it without that stuff - also other chemicals are put in depending if it's winter or summer. California is the only place that does that in the US as far as I know and why when ONE refinery shuts down in California gas here goes up a buck fifty higher. All California gas is made in California refineries (and there are only five of them left). They call it the Summer Blend and the Winter Blend - but it's all crap put in the gas. :(

The gas is fine as long as it's fresh - even ethanol. Cars in California last longer and go farther than cars in the rest of the country so I know the gas is not bad for cars, it's actually better for cars and makes them last longer - but it needs to be fresh or the idle will make dirty goo in a outboard. Also, too much idling on the outboard with old gas will produce the black gunk. (I found out on the internet).
I can idle all day long on new gas but if I idle on old gas I get that goopy goo.

I can't control what's in the gas here, but I can control how old it is.
The old gas burns fine in my big V8's so I just feed the old gas to the cars.

The goopy goo is coming out of the exhaust - it's old gas that is not getting burned completely and the leftover parts that don't get burned are goopy goo. (I read a bunch of articles on the internet to find out about it) - they called it "Making Oil". :?: :| :?:

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