I need a new trailer for my 26m, Southern California

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I need a new trailer for my 26m, Southern California

Post by aflyguysocali » Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:28 pm

My poor old 2004 steel trailer is in really poor shape. I don't think I could trust it to get my boat on the water in it's short 7 mile stretch to the ramp. I have nursed this trailer for 5 years and it has by far given me triple the maintenance hassles that my solid Mac has given me. I power washed and painted and replaced parts every season and rust and Corrosion has won the battle. i've searched for the past 2 years for a local or regional solution with no luck without a $2k shipping charge. I need an aluminum trailer with a single axle. I hand pull and push my mac into its cubby hole in a narrow long driveway. 2 axles and extra weight, length won't work for me.

Does anyone recommend a starting point to finding a new replacement trailer? I know of BWYachts and have used them plenty. They are selling a nice larger 2 axle trailer that won't work for me. Has anyone found another solution or had a custom build trailer made in California or regionally? I would pay well for a used aluminum trailer as well if one exists without a boat sitting on it. Thanks in advance for any guidance. Jason in Long Beach CA

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Re: I need a new trailer for my 26m, Southern California

Post by socalmacer » Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:29 pm

I had a hot dipped, galvanized steel trailer made by Pacific Trailer in Chino, CA 4 years ago and it is holding up very well. Trailers are all this company manufactures (specialty seems to be salt water) and they do a very good job. The quality was night and day better than the original. Aluminum trailers were not available from them at the time but maybe now. I would recommend getting stainless steel disk brakes installed as an option. The trailer they made for me was a single axle (3500 lb rated) trailer which was based on the manufacture's gross weight at time of original sale. Hope this helps.


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