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The Heaven Can Wait 'n Marlay Poins O N R

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 2:40 am
by Clemo
The H.C.W. is on Feb 18/19 next year. I'm probably dreamin' but are any other Macs dreamin' 'bout a 24hr sail on L. Macquarie?
I know that Macs don't race - but the sprots boat I crew on is fun, but it isn't where anyone would want to be for 24hrs.

The Marlay Point O.N.R. is only three weeks later on Mar 11/12. I'm not even dreamin' 'bout it.

C ya.

Re: The Heaven Can Wait 'n Marlay Poins O N R

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:39 am
by sailboatmike
WAFIR (Warneet Around French Island Race) is on 3 weeks before Marley Point ONR (25th Feb 2017).

WAFIR is the traditional warm up for MPONR being around 9 hours duration to cover the 40 off NM course, we hope to be racing in WAFIR 2017, not seriously as our sails leave more than a bit to be desired but we hope to be going around in comfort and without the drama queens that I crew with on some race boats.

The WAFIR course should favor the Mac assy spinnaker with the prevailing wind normally being from the South West leaving only a short beat to windward, most of the course can be sailed on a reach or a run due to the shape of the island we sail around.