Cabin Decoration

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Cabin Decoration

Post by Valerie » Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:13 pm


What have you done or found recently? I'll post a piccy of the T-Shirt I embroidered with a Mac in the next couple of days.

I find that everytime I walk into my sewing room the Captain has an idea for another something - either a winch cover or motor cover or ??? with the exclamation "It won't take long" ----- It alway turns into a major project :|
Well meaning Captain reckons I could just sew up here and sew up there and 'walla' all done :)

Sea Dreamer
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Re: Cabin Decoration

Post by Sea Dreamer » Fri Nov 21, 2008 7:20 pm

I haven't done anything as far as decorating the cabin. I've had a few ideas, such as curtains and pillows, but it's a matter of 'getting around to it'. It doesn't help that the boat's stored about and hr and a half away and I work full time, so by the time I'm actually at the boat I've forgotten a tape measure, or totally forgotten I even had an idea. Also this was our first season on her, and we were concentrating on getting used to her and back into sailing after not doing it for 25 years. Hopefully next year we'll get more time on her - maybe even some overnights - and I'll actually decide what I'd might like to add. The Capt (Uncle Jim on the boards, here) hasn't done any mods either, pretty much for the same reason. Of course the repairing business he's getting pretty good at, though, since we've had our share of bumps and bruises this year. (And none of it due to our screwups - just the joy of an 'older' used boat that wasn't well cared for resulting in mechanical failures :| ) I'd love to see pics of what things everyone else has done to 'personalize' your boats. And any hints you may have would be great!


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