upgrade forestay

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upgrade forestay

Post by tattooyou » Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:04 am

Hello all.

Second owner (pchsd. June '16) of a Tat 26 and the first to sail it, I believe. The s.b. was already rigged last season when I took possession and I had a good half season getting used to this boat's unique design. For this season, I used the mast raiser from BWY to raise it and rig myself.
Concerns: 1. The rigging isn't as tight as it was last year. I adjusted the chainplates for the shrouds, but they still don't have the same tension as I remember from last year. An 'expert' who observed the rigging advised that they shouldn't be too tight as the mast swivels, etc. Is this accurate? I will write that unlike last year, it takes pretty high winds (around 12-15 knots) to get the mast to properly swivel.
2. The forestay (w/CDI r.f. #2) is looser AND that very small cotter pin with a rather thin 'wing-ding' to lock it in place appears pushed to the limit (the cotter pin is as forward as it can be without popping out were it not for the wing-ding). 3. I was reading on BWY's web-site about if you keep your mast up for the season, you should purchase a thicker-gauged forestay. I e-mailed them about this, but have not heard back.
As safety is number 1 concern, should I be concerned about loose shrouds and what appears to be a weak forestay (gauge and cotter pin-wise)?
I've read a lot of posts about rigging, which headsail is better, etc., and from what I've experienced on the lake where we keep it (we don't trailer it at this time), it seems a smaller, hank-on jib would better suit our needs.
Appreciate some expertise from people who know these boats best. :) Locally, I'm not getting much support. :|

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Re: upgrade forestay

Post by Herschel » Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:47 pm

My is help is limited I am sure. I have an older '98 26X, but I replaced my forestay at about the 15 year mark. I sent the original to the West Marine riggers, had them duplicate it, then cut it to see what the condition of the interior was. Thankfully, the old one was still in good shape but it gave me peace of mind to have a new one. This past year, I replaced the two upper shrouds with BWY shrouds. I do not know the gauge; I assume it was the same as original equipment. In the next year or two, I will replace the lower shrouds and the aft stay. My point is that I have "stayed " (no pun intended) with the original gauge of the standing rigging, and have found it to be satisfactory as long as age/environment (salt vs. fresh) is taken into consideration. As for the headsail of choice, I have used a standard jib with a roller furler and found many hours of pleasurable, manageable sailing. I would not want to be without the roller furling, however. My PO sailed my Mac almost exclusively on Lake St. Clair and still lives in the area. I can get you his contact info, if you would like to consult with him. Send me a PM, if you do.

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Re: upgrade forestay

Post by kadet » Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:32 pm

The rig on these boats is about the same as a 20' beach cat' going bigger gauge only adds weight aloft for no real extra benefit. A larger forestay also requires more tension to straighten, especially with a roller furler so it might not be possible to easily pin for trailer work.

Forestay is 3.2mm sides are 4mm. That's 860 and 1300 kg breaking loads. Think my foresails would tear to shreds before that load was reached 8)
I also always rig my spinnaker halyard as a backup to the forestay while sailing as well.

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