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New User Postings

Post by Heath » Mon Jan 22, 2007 8:32 pm

Warning for New Members to the Macgregor Forum:

During your initial visits as a Member of this Board you are in a "Software Controlled" probationary period. These controls are necessary due to rampant amounts of Internet SPAM from users who sign up just for that purpose. The exact length of probation is variable.

During this interim period, new members MAY NOT post URL links, and your posts are subject to a general Software Review. Depending upon content, your post could occasionally be refused by the system.

If you receive a message that your post has been blocked or rejected for any reason, please DO NOT TRY to "force" your post to be entered. Ignoring repeated Software Warnings about your Profile or the content of your post will cause the Forum Software to suspect you as an automated SPAMMER, locking your account and banning your access.

DO NOT try to second-guess the Software if you receive such a warning. Moderators cannot help you if you repeatedly ignore Software Warnings and your membership gets canceled. If you receive a Software Warning that a post has been rejected, please contact a Moderator and explain what happened, trying to recall the message you were given. Look at the top-left of any forum index page and click any Moderator's name to find email and PM links.

Please watch your private messages for warnings from the system. It helps if you set your notification method to 'Popup' and then tell your popup blocking software to allow popups from this website.