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Reef Points

Post by Sagacity » Mon Dec 05, 2016 6:05 pm

I have a Tattoo 26 with the 189sf fully battened mainsail and a roller furler jib. I am planning to add more reef points to the main sail to get more boat control with a more balanced sail plan in tacking up wind in 20+. To work with the battens I am looking at adding two more reef points as noted below.
The mainsail as originally delivered had one reef point with a 34% sail reduction of 65sf.
The second reef point I am looking at adding for a 55% sail reduction of 104sf.
The third reef point I am looking at adding for a 80% sail reduction of 152sf.
This third reef point I am thinking about doing, just because. In my mind the third reef point would take the place of having a storm sail if I ever found my self in bad conditions.

Has anyone added more reef points to their mainsail, if so at what points did you add them?

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Re: Reef Points

Post by 1st Sail » Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:57 pm

I still have my original oem mainsail. I added a third reef to my main and fly a 60 storm jib (hank on) which is my go to plan for high winds. Excellent balance with minimal heel in winds up to 20- 25mph. I have sailed it in the 30's. Beyond that you have to decide how much heel you are comfortable with. The sweet spot for speed and control is 10-15/20º. Once above 30º it's more work that sailing. However, you can certainly sail in the +30 range many on here think nothing of it. You just have to determine your own comfort level. You can achieve the same SOG with less sail and less heel.

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Re: Reef Points

Post by Seapup » Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:51 am

Has anyone added more reef points to their mainsail, if so at what points did you add them?
I had 3 reduction reefs and a 4th flattening reef in my :macx: main.

Take a look at this discussion, it has pics & measurements for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd reef points on a mac. ... f&start=15

I recently put my own reef points in a few sails. I wanted reefs added to both main and hanked on head sails so bought spur grommets and the dies to go with. For a 3rd reef you really don't really need the intermediate points to take up the bunt though, so I considered trying the $4 sailrite jiffy grommets & DIY.
Its fairly straightforward DIY, 2 reinforcing patches and 2 grommets for a 3rd reef.

I also saw a big difference with an actual flat cut storm sail vs rolling down my jib on the CDI if going to windward. The rolled down jib was OK for downwind. Practically new storm sails pop up on ebay and elsewhere since they are rarely used. I used the spinnaker halyard as a solent forestay and just hanked the storm jib on that. Not ideal, but worked pretty well.

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