Air conditioner in the laz

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Air conditioner in the laz

Post by danphilgreen » Fri Sep 20, 2019 4:25 pm

I have a '90 26S, "Goldilocks." I've searched for the following and could find no discussion of it. If it exists, please excuse, but has anyone tried putting a little 5k btu window AC unit in the laz of a 26S or D by way of cutting an opening in the bulkhead between the laz and the aft berth either big enough to mount the unit like in a window or by way of duct work? You would have to keep the laz hatch open when using it but I'm thinking it would be out of the way and out of sight and could be a permanent-style installation. Might even be able to fit it in or toward that hard to use space under the motor well. Condensate would go into the bilge. (I already have a bilge pump back there) What am I not thinking of?

By the way I've been doing a lot of woodwork on my boat lately. Photos of these and other mods are documented in a Facebook photo album that has been made "Public": ... 899&type=3

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