New 28 Coming - And I want one!

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New 28 Coming - And I want one!

Post by Ginieco » Sun Feb 06, 2005 5:11 pm

I had a 26X which I loved but had to leave at home when I was transferred to Asia. I have been searching for a replacement but the 26M didn't cut it - cockpit too small, interior not open enough, head too small for me and no shower for the rear admirable. An important issue was that a daggerboard doesn't suit the unchartered shoal waters (with an abundance of coral heads) I often sail in. I looked at the Odin - Nice boat but tight interior, no shower, small galley, lack of headroom (I'm 6'2"), fwd berth too short, etc.

I thought I was lost until a sailing friend invoplved in the project told me about a new trailerable 28 ft (8' beam) undergoing sea trials at the moment. In return for my promise not to disclose too much as it is not planned to officially launch the yacht on the market until later this year, during my last trip to away I was able to see the boat and go for a quick evaluation sail. But then I was a hopeful but hopeless journalist in a past life so I just have to write something.........

Now hear this;
Similar in concept to my loved MacGregor 26X but with;
6'3" headroom (over 6' in most of the boat), full headroom in the SHOWER and toilet (head), fantastic galley, 6 berths for "tallies" like me with high quality "no hip Bounce" cushions, dinnette for 4 large people, hanging locker, 80 to 160 litres of fresh water, two opening lockable lockers in the cockpit to take 30 litres of fuel each side plus gear, well known international yacht (sail) designer, production by a very large ISO9000 company (French techs), much wider opening transom than either the Mac 26X or 26M, power 9hp up to a whopping 140 hp, kick up rudders and keel, self tacking jib, 900 litres water ballasted, all halyards inside the mast, exiting to Harken deck gear and jammers controlled from the cockpit, HYDRAULIC steering, mast head light, dual axle galvanised trailer.... the list goes on and on.

Here's the good news, the maker's marketing guys believe it will be offered in the US at less than $50K, kitted out ready to sail. More expensive than the Mac and less expensive than the Mast 28 but then so much more boat for the money. Believe me, when I saw their production area of over 30,000 sq metres, if they say they can do it then they will. They intend the boat to meet the stringent European Cat B criteria so offshore sailing shouldn't be a problem. The stowage area inside is capable of live aboard for extended periods and the open, airy feel of the boat means claustophodia shouldn't be an issue.

But how did it sail? Much, much better than it should have. It has the same tendancy as other water ballasted boats to heel quickly to about 10 - 15 degrees in a stiff breeze, then the ballast takes over to keep her upright. Some fin\d this diconcerting but if you know the physics and understand what is going on, then there is no problem. I also thought that the high freeboard would be a problem but the powerful roachy main and high aspect headsail really punched the boat through a nasty short chop in 15 knots of breeze. The freeboard and high cabin top made her very dry in these conditions. Off the breeze the boat literally flew, reaching 9 knots easily. Our best windward speed (four up) was only 5.7 knots, not up to the sleeker racing units but still great for this type of cruising boat. The boat certainly outpointed the Mac 26X but I am not sure about the Mac 26M, but good enough for me. The deep, high tech rudders really bite the water and hold on. Feel through the steering wheel was good despite the hydraulic system - apparently some valve is removed to allow "feel" through the helm.

I was disappointed that there was some hull slap under power (90 hp Etec) - but then we were doing over 20 knots!!! The underwater hull shape is designed for sailing rather than motoring at high speed which accounts for this. Back off to 12 -15 kots and everything was fine. In less choppy water - different story, open her up and let go. Tracks well and turns at speed on a button. The wide, flatter rear end allows it to to get up to a plane very quickly. I guess the compromise made to get a good sailing boat means that you can not have a soft riding powerboat (I am told something to do with too much wetted area, turbulance and drag). But then I am a sailer first and power boater second - exactly the person the boat is aimed at.

Launching and retrieving the boat wasn't a problem , her draft (unballasted) is less than 12" although crosswinds means that full use will be made of the four guide posts and rollers on the trailer.

The French production manager is very a proud owner of a 26 ft powerboat that the company produces, but I though there was more than a hint of envy about this 28 footer. I lay money on him changing over. Apparently they have ten trial boats around the place that they are tweeking up so that the final design will be well thought out and ready for large production runs - the only way they can get the cost down. I am told that unless the price is under US$50, the project will be abandoned. I told he guys that the poll would confirm my thoughts that $50K for a well equipped boat on a trailer but no motor is on the mark. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Wouldn't it be nice to have so much money that you can produce 10 boats just to see if you can?

A really good comment I heard was that Vinyl ester resins were being used in the hull. This will be a strong boat coming it at under 1400kgs. Towable with my Toyota Landcruiser.

I guess my only negative with the boat is that it's interior needs dressing up - at the moment it is very white.... there is a full white GRP liner like the 26X. I am told that this will be addressed in production. My other negative is that I want one ... NOW!

I will I could tell everyone more about who is making the boat and when it will be available, but I am told this is commercially sensitive. Enough to say Santa will bring me my present a little earlier this year when he makes his toys up near the north pole.

I promise to be a very good boy.

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Post by Tony D-26X_SusieQ » Mon Feb 07, 2005 11:49 am

If this thing is comming from China then they can do a lot better than $50K :P .

Mark Prouty
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Post by Mark Prouty » Mon Feb 07, 2005 1:04 pm

Wow! Sounds to good to be true! :o

Please, Please be true:

I just might buy one when I retire years. But that is a long way off.

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Frank & Meg
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Post by Frank & Meg » Mon Feb 07, 2005 1:41 pm

There have been several drive-by's like this over on TSBB. Probably a dealer for this new wonderboat or a general troll. Wonder if it's the TES ...

Mark Prouty
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Post by Mark Prouty » Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:05 pm

Well you know what we do with trolls in these here parts!


Why I hates em worse then revenuers!

Course we haven't had a pesky troll since the Looper Dave. Boy there was some fighten words in them days. Ah, but Looper got POed and took his postings and ran for the hills. Folks say they can still hear him screaming at Frank C out there!!

Mark Prouty
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Post by Mark Prouty » Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:30 pm

Frank & Meg wrote:There have been several drive-by's like this over on TSBB. Probably a dealer for this new wonderboat or a general troll. Wonder if it's the TES ...
I couldn't get the url to work but this does:

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Frank & Meg
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Post by Frank & Meg » Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:50 pm

Thanks for the link doctoring Mark. Seemed right at the time.

Looper... GAWD !!!

Frank C

Post by Frank C » Mon Feb 07, 2005 3:54 pm

Mark Prouty wrote:... Folks say they can still hear him screaming at Frank C out there!!
Hmmmm ... Been leavin' the porch lights on overnight due to faint essence 'd skunk in the area. Don't want 'em tangling w/ my dog or cat, and all these critters prefer the dark, eh?

But now ya got me wonderin' ... hmmmm. Think I'll just leave the lights on! :?

:D :D :D

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Duane Dunn, Allegro
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Post by Duane Dunn, Allegro » Mon Feb 07, 2005 7:18 pm

The Seaward 26 is a very nice sailboat that is an updated version of the 25 that has been on the market for years. The Mac is both a sailboat and a powerboat. They really aren't competitors at all. Not only is the Seaward a slow boat under power, 6 knots tops, it is too heavy for most vehicles to tow. Also note the waterline height when on the trailer. You will notice the trailer comes with a tounge extension just so you can back it in deep enough to get it off the trailer.

Here is the corrected link to the dealers site posted above:

Here is a link to the mfg site:

If you really like it you should look at their Seaward Eagle 32. It's a real pretty pure sailboat that can be trailered as well with a permit.

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I agree with Duane

Post by Divecoz » Tue Feb 08, 2005 6:02 am

The Mac 26 and the Rhoads 26 are not in the same grouping. My New M with a 50hp and all the toys i.e. Lowrance GPS and sonar and hand held and radios mounted and hand held and roller etc etc is coming in under 30K. I can tow it with My Explorer. Its IMHO kind of like saying you can or could have compared a Camaro with the Corvette, you could but it wouldn't be apples to apples . How can you begin to compare two objects that there is a 50% difference in the price between the two . When 50% represents $15,000.00 that's a lot of difference in my book. My wife was a go. . . for a total out lay of $30,000.00 but I know I would still be looking not owning if I told her it was going to be more like $50,000.00 and I needed to buy a much bigger tow Vehicle. Though many here in the Chicagoland Area can or do justify a lot more than $30K for a sailboat ( just try and find a slip :D ) that they can use for about 5 months a year, I just don't make that kind of money. So for those of us in the cheap seats and that is me . . .the Mac will have to do.

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New 28

Post by Newell » Thu Feb 10, 2005 12:39 pm

So is the consensus that there is no new French boat in the offing? I was getting very interested.

Perhaps this thrread could be sent to Roger M. for review. There is a market I believe.

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Welcome to an informercial

Post by KaiSchuler » Mon Feb 14, 2005 9:37 am

My take of this post is:

An informercial of a Mast28

Not a bad approach, basically a polish copy of a slightly larger, slightly nicer, hugely more expensive MacGregor

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Post by jmann » Mon Feb 14, 2005 10:29 am

To me it sounds like an infomercial for the Mach28. Really a 26x thats been stretched. ... mach28.htm
Wish they'd bring this over here!!