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Why does PVC flex hose love mould?

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 8:29 am
by DaveC426913
My head has 2" PVC flex pool hose. It turns black after a season. In the bilge, it's even worse.

Gawd, I hope it isn't the dreaded black mould - in which case I'm slowly killing myself every time I sleep aboard.

I went to clean it all but gave up and just ripped it all out, to be replaced with new pipe before my trip tomorrow.

Funny thing, anything immediately adjacent to the hose, such as the head walls, hulls, porta-potty and any other loose items in the head do not get moldy.

Is the mould actually feeding off something in the PVC?

Also, today I learned that mold and mould are the same thing. I always thought the lifeform and the form for casting had different spalleings. Nope, it's
one of those British > American things.