Seventeen Days Crisscrossing The Chesapeake

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Re: Seventeen Days Crisscrossing The Chesapeake

Post by Jimmyt »

Great posts Ray! Thanks for sharing! Sorry you’re having technical difficulties posting pics, but a great report nonetheless.

Hope to see some pics of your AC setup when you get a chance.

Sounds like a great trip!
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Re: Seventeen Days Crisscrossing The Chesapeake

Post by NiceAft »

Funny you should ask Jimmy. Finally able to post a photo of the air conditioner.

It is an LG 5000 BTU unit that fits quite well into the companionway. I cut two pieces of thin plywood to fit into the gap on either side, and connected them with a piece of smoky plexiglass so we would have a window. This slides nicely into place and seals the unit efficiently enough that any opening were meaningless. I did have a small piece of foam that I shoved into a gap, but it did not matter. The cool air entering was more than enough to compensate for any such gaps. That gap was just a sliver.
Ray ~~_/)~~
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Re: Seventeen Days Crisscrossing The Chesapeake

Post by Russ »

Nice trip report. Thanks for sharing.

I can feel the heat and humidity on that one photo.
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Re: Seventeen Days Crisscrossing The Chesapeake

Post by OverEasy »

Hi NiceAft!

Great trip!

Glad you brought your A/C!👍👍
We really enjoy ours on our trips too!
Amazing what a 5000 BTU unit can do inside a Mac!
Nice set up you have in your Mac26M!

(Aside Note: We love ours, it’s one of those single ducted compressor hose free standing type which works well in our Mac26X.
Eventually I’ll be adding a second hose to at as an inlet for the compressor section.
Currently it robs some of the interior air to cool the compressor portion which in turn draws in some outside makeup air through the companionway slider/panel top gap. We’ve been using some coarse air filter foam to fill the gap and exclude the bugs. But it’s still outside air. Good side is we’re always getting lots of fresh air into the cabin and the A/C is still powerful enough to make it down right chilly if we set the thermostat low. Bad side is it’s mentally annoying to be bringing warm air in. I hope by next season to have made the mod to get that second inlet hose duct in place to raise our efficiency.)
While in Rock Hall we had some excitement; a boat blew up.
Wow!!! That must have been a bit uncomfortable!
Sheesh! :o :? :| :cry:
Boat/Marina fires are scary!
Right up there with parking lot tailgate party fires.
Lots of combustible stuff (boats & lots of accessible fuel) along with a potentially crowded environment in an awkward access/egress locale.
Really glad no one was hurt and it was contained quickly before it could spread.

No one needs that kind of excitement, especially when on vacation!

We also try to plan our trips to have a marina slip with power and other amenities.
It makes things a lot more convenient and relaxing.

We travel with our puppy and cat so easy shore access for evening/morning walks is appreciated.
( Once we get to traveling further along the ICW (like the Florida Keys or Bahamas) from where we are in SC there are some long open unsupported sections without marinas so we will have to anchor out. For that we were able to pick up a nearly new compact Honda 2500 watt generator at a very low cost. It runs great, it’s quite and it sips fuel. Otherwise it’s a nice auxiliary backup to have available for other uses.)

Really glad everything worked out and that you had a beautiful time on the Chesapeake!
Would love to see more of your trip pictures if that possible. Never been on the Chesapeake other than the bridge & tunnel once or twice.
It’s huge! There must be some fascinating things to see and enjoy!
Would love to se your route and any pointers you can share.👍⛵️👍

Best Regards,
Over Easy 😎😎🐩🐈
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