Any tablet users for navigation

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Re: Any tablet users for navigation

Post by BOAT » Mon May 07, 2018 11:10 am

All navigation trends are driven by the airplane folks. GPS, Auto Pilots, nav stations - sensors - they all start in the planes first (that's where the money is). Then, later we sailors get the goodies after they are developed by the plane people.


Airplane pilots (like Heath? I can't remember - is Heath a pilot??) anyways, airplane pilots are all using tablets now. I assume it's because they mostly fly over land so really they never loose connection up there. Even the Airline guys have ditched their Jeppson Manuals and kneeboards - all I see are pilots with tablets now and some fit them into the dash of the plane like this:


That was why I did this to boat - all the pilots were doing it so I decided to do it too:


Like Sumner said - they only work well inside - but you can use them outside too - if things keep going the way they are going I am pretty sure the next charplotter you buy will just be a little "box" that sits on the backbone inside the boat and all the info will be sent by WIFI over the entire boat for the operation of the pilot, the motor gauges, the plotter - and add a radar and that can be on the tablet too. That seems to be the direction things are going.

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Re: Any tablet users for navigation

Post by K9Kampers » Wed May 09, 2018 8:25 am

Extending Catigale's 'three function rule'..., the tablet can also be used as serving tray for drinks and meals from galley to cockpit. What is a third use for a tablet onboard?!! :P 8)

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Re: Any tablet users for navigation

Post by warfin » Mon May 21, 2018 6:03 pm

I use an iPad with DUAL GPS receiver. This is a 100% comfortable set up for me. The iPad is mounted on a off-the-shelf bracket, attached to a stainless steel tube which is a snug fit into the mount on the top of the pedestal for the mast support (trailering). X model.
If things get a little wet (I have a good bimini), I put the iPad into a propriety water cover or stow it and use the iPhone in it's water proof case.
I sail on average 2 days/week.

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