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Re: Hello Mac forum.

Post by Todd » Sat May 21, 2016 8:18 pm

Bilgemaster wrote:
tlgeddes wrote:Hopefully next week we go to Elephant Butte lake which is south a few hours.
My hunch is you're gonna love it there. I camped at the State Park there in Elephant Butte about 30 years ago while on a Texas-to-California Ghost Towns camping tour, and almost didn't want to leave. As it was, I stayed several days longer than planned. Overwhelmingly gorgeous "Alien Vacation World" surroundings aside (Man, that water's BLUER THAN "EARTH" BLUE!), the facilities were gleaming and immaculate and sparkling stainless steel. They might have been brand new then, but it was a far cry from some of those ramshackle West Texas joints which were almost all like some of those campgrounds shown in that movie they made of Grapes of Wrath, where you felt like you might need a tetanus shot and some industrial strength fungicide after a shower. Nope. No showering with the turkey buzzards at Elephant Butte! Brilliant spot to have a Mac.

Took the :macm: back down there today in prep for next week. It is a nice lake. First boated with a ski boat on it 15 years ago. It was my first trip with my now adult children. There are a few other smaller lakes here in New Mexico that are nice. Ute Res, and Conchas which are east of Albuquerque and Navajo which is at the foot of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado near the Four Corners. I haven't been to that last one but is on my list.

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