hauling with mast stepped but lowered

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Re: hauling with mast stepped but lowered

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Jimmyt wrote: Fri Sep 17, 2021 2:45 pm Highlander tells it like he sees it. I like that. You never have to ask him "what's you honest opinion", cause that's all you're gonna get. And usually both barrels. :D Love that whacky guy.
He’s also one of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet. I’ve had the pleasure of sailing and hanging out with him and a few others from this board up in the Toronto area for a few years (the MMOR rendezvous), though he’s waaaay over on the left coast as of a couple of years ago. 8)
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Re: hauling with mast stepped but lowered

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Seems there is a story on the forum about someone having portlights in the side and sinking their boat when one opened, presumably when heeled far to that side.I always wondered how close to the water we get our rub-rails.

Worried about the mast mounting point, it is not designed to resist up pressures.

I can imagine someone in a Cabover not seeing the mast and getting the mast through the windshield.

Pulling with a Mini-Van?
My 4-WD 1500 suburban has a hard enough time keeping the rig under control, never bought into the adds using a car to tow.
I do like the 2 axle trailer, possibly that helps enough.
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Re: hauling with mast stepped but lowered

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Concur with others this is a bad idea, although comforting to know that the mast base is far more robust that I gave it credit for

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Re: hauling with mast stepped but lowered

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A few years ago I was at Harrison Lake (in British Columbia) getting ready to rig my :macx: . Suddenly a vehicle towing an :macx: pulled up next to me with his mast in the same position as the original poster mentioned.
The owner lived about 2 blocks from the boat ramp, and always trailered his boat that way. In addition, he had a back injury, so he was unable to raise the mast. Instead, he had an electric winch on his trailer. He attached the winch to the mast in the same location as the mast-raising system, hopped back onto the ground, and . . . bbzzzppt, up rose the mast, perfectly in place. He pinned his furler to the foredeck, and drove down the ramp to launch, about 10 minutes after his arrival.

I have to admit, his setup was pretty slick. :)


Bonus: I got into the water around 45 minutes later, and then I caught up to him on the lake. He was having motor issues and could only go in reverse. So, after all that, I reached our destination about 30 minutes before he did. 8)
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Re: hauling with mast stepped but lowered

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PhysicsTeacher wrote: Wed Feb 08, 2023 8:13 pm The owner lived about 2 blocks from the boat ramp,
In my case, it was a very built up area in megacity Toronto. Nevermind the risk to the mast - I can't see how this guy even cornered without taking out a condo or two.

Oh. Did I forget to mention that the whole neighborhood is laced with high voltage overhead streetcar power lines?
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