Mac 'bump' and silicone

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Re: Mac 'bump' and silicone

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Catigale wrote:Jeff - you can get his at about 1/3 the price at a hardware store compared to WM
Thank you Catigale.
Being Scots I always like a bargain...
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Re: Mac 'bump' and silicone

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I have good luck with this, use it every year. 8)

Tomfoolery wrote: Thu Jul 10, 2014 8:10 am Liquid Rollers, which is (AFAIK) silicone spray. Works like a charm for me, and I usually drive down a relatively steep hill at my local Erie Canal ramp on the way back to the parking area and gently hit the brakes. Two or three times, and it's snugly in the notch, without having to hit the brakes hard enough to break it free and slam it into the bumper like it does without lube.

An alternative would be to rearrange the winch, or add a fairlead for the winch line, but I have better places to put effort at this time, so Liquid Rollers it is. :wink: 8)
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Re: Mac 'bump' and silicone

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I use Wearlon Speedcoat 49 bottom paint on my hull. It's water-based super slippery anti-fouling paint. I only have to re-coat it every 4-5 years or so. BE CAREFUL, don't hit the brakes too hard or you'll bend the winch stand. (Don't ask me how I know :? .)
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