Your method of forestay attachment to the deck

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Your method of forestay attachment to the deck

Post by Seadoc »

Haven't been here for a while.
This post pertains to my 1985 Mac 25.
Question: Are any forum members using a C.S. Johnson Quick Release Lever to secure the deck end of their forestay? If so, what model/size is being used? I currently have a turnbuckle fitting. Do I need to modify that arrangement to use a Johnson Lever? Will it require a new forestay?
Is it worth the effort to make a change?

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Re: Your method of forestay attachment to the deck

Post by LakeMac26C »

I used that lever on my previous boat. I think I posted something about it here earlier, but you will need a new headstay. The levers are generally longer than turnbuckles. It made setup a breeze, but also meant that headstay adjustments were almost impossible thereafter. The levers only have a few adjustment holes and they are either right on or too loose/too tight. Threaded turnbuckles are "infinitely" adjustable. Might take your current headstay to a rigger and they can modify only the bottom of the stay to fit the lever since you will already know the perfect tension/length of your current setup when it is tensioned properly.

If you use a roller furler, that could be a deal breaker. My current furler drum goes over the headstay/turnbuckle which makes adjusting the turnbuckle a PitA and using a lever almost impossible (my old boat was a hank on).

Finally, get the lever with a built in safety stopper. Otherwise when you try to tension the lever by cranking it "shut", the tension could give way suddenly and snap back crushing your fingers. I think the version built for shrouds does NOT have a stopper. I think this is the one I used to use. ... -1-8-wire/
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