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Re: Dometic bit it (Suggest additional forum, gear and equipment

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Congrats on the new cooler!
Ice too!

We agree that Dometic isn’t very reliable for all the hype.
We had Dometic freezer and fridge in our RV.
Ran on propane, 12 VDC and 115 VAC power for about 5 years then nothing.
When it stopped working it stopped working on all power sources.
Replacement of control board didn’t help and was non returnable.
The thermal unit was changed out and that was also a big Nada and nonreturnable.
Cooling system was checked and no leaks.
Waste of time and money.
Ended up using it as a pantry but had to make a vent stop to keep the doors ajar.

Bought a mini fridge and freezer unit that runs on 115VAC “Magic Chef” brand for $99.
We got a lot of use out of it in the RV for 10 plus years and then the kids used it at college for about 6 years and then moved it to SC 5 years ago and it still runs great. It holds the cold all day and night when off including the freezer so overland travel wasn’t ever a problem really.
Much much much more durable than Dometic.

Unfortunately it’s a bit too big for our Mac26X.
We have used a Coleman Thermonic cooler for the Lake Champlain trip of 70 nights on the water plus the transit North & South of over 1200 miles each way. Runs great on 12 VDC and 115VAC adapter without a hitch.No ice though.

Your cooler is a giant leap up from the Coleman but we’re not at the point where it makes sense for us to change up yet.

Would never advise anyone I liked to get a Dometic (…but would to some enemies :D :wink: :D ).

Best Regards
Over Easy 😎😎🐩🐈
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