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A place for MacGregor & Tattoo Sailors.

Welcome to the NEW MacgregorSailors.com

We have merged with MacSailors.com. Heath has passed the torch to new ownership. He realized his busy life does not allow for the level of maintenence this site requires.
We thank Heath for years of providing THE definitive resource for Macgregor, Venture and Tattoo owners.
Look for new and exciting changes to this site. There are lots of things that need to be done starting with repairing the MODS section.
In the coming weeks look for changes and improvements. If you have suggestions, we'd love to hear them.
Tell your MAC friends.

MacGregor Sailboats

Welcome to the MacGregorSailors.com website and forum. A place just for MacGregor sailors. Explore our forums and discussion groups, ask questions, browse mods and pull from resources. You will also find some valuable links related to MacGregor and Tattoo sailboats.

MacGregor has produced models under two brand names, Venture, used until 1977, and MacGregor.

When Roger MacGregor retired in 2013, a new boat brand was created called Tattoo Yachts.

Thousands of these boats were made and are among the easiest trailerable sailboats. The Powersail models are capable of high speeds under power while maintaing easy sailing abilities. MacGregor sailboats are found all over the world

Enjoy our sailor forums dedicated to fellow MacGregor owners and share information, ideas and experiences. Resources include various manuals and guides. Links to sailing sites and navagational resources available also.


MacGregor 26D


MacGregor 26X


MacGregor 26M