Jib Sheet Angled Cleat Upgrade

Published date: July 27, 2008
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

After sailing my new 26M a few times I found that the OEM installed Ronstan Cam cleats for the Jib sheets were not very easy to use as they were to close to the winch and the admiral was always fusssng to get the Jib sheet in, especially under heavier loads. I decided to replace them with Harken 150 cam cleats (get the aluminum ones) and an angled riser. I noticed that the Harken 150 have a rounded entry edge so the sheets slides in easier and I also installed the 15 degree riser kit (about $5 per cleat). You will have to fil the existing holes with epoxy and redrill them on an angle with the supplied drill jig. Altogether this mod only took a couple of hours and what a huge difference! The new Harken cam cleats rotate better, the sheets just drop in even under heavy load, with the angled riser we do not worry about the sheet coming out, and according to my West marine representative these aluminum cleats will far outlast the originals. Looking back, and knowing what I know now about the Harken 150 Cam Cleat, I may have just installed it as a direct replacement without the 15 degree angled riser - it may work very well with the easy entry leading edge and the supperior cleat design - but I am very happy with the angled riser too.

Published by: Cap'n Ahab

Model Year: 2008


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