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Published date: August 26, 2008
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I've had some definite condensation problems in the quarter-berth area of Beija-Flor ... my solution was a Dri-Dek type of tile called "BigFoot," from Greg Smith Equipment. It's $1.99 per tile, and the tiles are 1/3 meter square; it took 36 tiles to cover the quarter-berth area, and I also put some in the cabin sole (between the bench seats).

The tiles provide space for any condensation to drain, and airflow for it to evaporate. I think they look better in the cabin sole than the original, by-2008-ratty carpet. A word of advice, though; they don't lock together all that tightly, and left loose they will slide underfoot when you pull up the centerboard. (I brace one foot on the edge of the vee-berth, and have no problems.

Published by: Rick Westlake

Model Year: 1995


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