Plastic bed springs for V-berth

Published date: August 26, 2008
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

At last year's Norfolk (VA) Boat Show, one of the vendors was selling "Froli" plastic bed-springs ... they are square, flower-like plastic cups on cross-shaped bases, that snap together to make an open-air sort of bed spring system for boat bunks. I waited till now to buy a set; one "Froli Star" bed-in-a-box set, 60 springs, fit perfectly in the V-berth in my Mac 19. They may look strange, but they're much more comfortable than the cushions alone. They also provide PLENTY of ventilation underneath, to keep the cushions from getting wet from condensation.

The "Star" model is made to go in a square grid pattern, but I assembled them in strips (athwart the boat) and anchored them in place with duct tape. The sternmost four rows did snap together into a grid - two grids, actually; one on either side of the centerboard-cable trough - and I secured them to the access lids. The assembly is much more comfortable, and I get a better night's sleep.

If they interfere with your centerboard tackle, you can slip a riser of some sort - I use a short tail of 1/2" twisted nylon line, from an old anchor rode - under the support grid on either side of the trough. I can slide it out when I'm sleeping and slip it back in place before I go sailing.

Published by: Rick Westlake

Model Year: 1995
Photo Caption: Froli springs on V-berth base


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