Closing mast gate for sail slugs

Published date: October 14, 2008
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

I have fitted slugs to the mainsail to ease raising and lowering the sail. In order to stop the slugs falling out of the mast gate when reefed or sail lowered I needed to close the gate. I considered hammering it closed, fabricating a removeable gate and many other aborted ideas. I then saw an item in the UK's Practical Boat Owner magazine that had used a length of slotted alloy tube inserted into the mast, obviously done with the mast down. I used this idea but modified the method by using three short lengths of plastic tube, actually electrical conduit around 20mm dia. Each piece was slotted with a hacksaw and fixed into the mast gate with SS screws. The upper and lower remain in place and the middle section is removed to insert and remove the slugs from the mast. This has been in use all this season with no problems and was readily removed recently to decommission the boat prior to winter.

Published by: Pacamac-uk

Model Year: 1993


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