easy trailer hooking

Published date: July 31, 2009
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

For easy coupling the trailer to the car alone i have a truck mirror bolted to the ladder with wingnuts so i can see where i am backing so i easy hitting the trailer in first try ... Use some pieces of steeltubes and flatbars for making the mirrorarm - most handymens fix it easy . For preventing bendt & hooked wire eyes - especially on backstay - when i am raising the mast alone i covered the wire ends with short pieces of splitted plastic tubes ... Ekscuse me that im not computer experienced enough for sending pictures of my boat - hopefully i one day will learn how to do it ... I have just mounted new wheelbearings and i added new extra sealingrings for protecting bearings from salty water - there are space enough for extra innersealings ! Fill the new sealings with grease and oilsoaked foam for lubricating the sealing !!

Published by: arvid

Model Year: 2000


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