Published date: December 1, 2019
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

No wiring other than the VHF power cords (I didn't do it) and a short wire from the fan are exposed in the interior. With patience, everything can be run through the conduits. All along the conduits are plastic hole covers from where the factory needed access to bolts attaching various things. This is convenient for us since you can just pry off the covers and push wires through the conduits. When you pry off the covers, locate the things on the sides that pop out to keep them in place. Push these in with a screwdriver as you pry, and the cover pops right off.

I also found that there were a few places (maybe five or six) where there wasn't a convenient hole already there, and where I needed to turn or guide various wires. No problem. Just attach a one-inch hole saw to your drill and make a few new holes. Then when you're finished, pop in some one-inch white plastic hole covers. Tadaa!

Published by: Heath

Model Year: 1997


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