Skene chocks and heavier cleats

Published date: August 24, 2009
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I didn't trust the factory-standard bow cleats, so I replaced them with 8" Herreshoff-style SS cleats from Bosun Supplies. Later I added 4" Skene chocks from Bosun Supplies, which I put in place with G-Flex thickened epoxy rather than 5200 (for extra strength).

I was fortunate that my boat had an "access plate" under the anchor locker, to put in the cleats. I used 3"x8" plates of 3/4" marine plywood as backing plates, and the widest-available fender washers under that. (Bosun Supplies recommended wood rather than metal, because the wood has some "give" and will absorb stresses better.) There's not much room to get at this; you will need a helper above-decks to unscrew the old cleats, and later to screw in the new ones (while you hold a wrench to the Nylock nuts). It was a jigsaw-puzzle getting all the flotation foam back into the bows.

Added the Skene chocks when I found the anchor rode tended to slip across the bow light. These were so close to the edge of the deck that I knew I wouldn't be able to through-bolt them. Bosun Supplies provided #10 screws to attach them, and I chose the strongest marine epoxy I knew to "bed" them (and for added strength). Since the Skene chocks don't get "pulled" like the cleats, I (have to) trust that this will be adequate.

Published by: Rick Westlake

Model Year: 1999
Photo Caption: Bow cleats and Skene chocks, from ahead of the bow

Skene chocks themselves, from above

Backing plates under the bow cleats


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