Fuel-water separator

Published date: September 16, 2009
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

Thanks to ethanol blends, water contamination in our fuel is an even greater worry. My answer was to add a pre-filter, AKA fuel-water separator, to my system. I bought this Honda re-label of a Racor low-flow model for its compact size, but there's plenty of room for the next size up. (You can see where I mounted the filter in the photo of my transom; it's next to the red bulge of my fuel tank.)

The 90-degree elbow is the inlet hose, which has the fuel-tank connector from my old fuel hose (which I had to replace due to a leaky engine-side connector). I secured this hose a few inches below the filter, so I can put a container under the bowl when I need to drain it and replace the filter element. I can shift the inlet hose from tank to tank in a couple of seconds. I put a fuel-tank "bayonet" on the filter's outlet, so I can bypass the filter altogether if it gets badly clogged from one tank's gas.

With the clear filter bowl, I can see any contamination before it's a problem. It's easy to screw off the bowl to drain it; but I'd recommend the next-larger Racor, with a quick-drain on the bowl, if you do this yourself.

Published by: Rick Westlake

Model Year: 1999


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