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Published date: December 7, 2009
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

I understand this is not your typical "mod", but I thought I would share it with you anyway in hopes of promoting "Mac Pride" (NOT infringement lawsuits please.) Here are a couple of gift ideas you can use this Holiday Season. The beauty of this "Mod" is in its cross application of any Holiday, any Faith (or lack thereof), and any Mac owner.
Though I can't speak for the rest of the male population on this planet, I can stereotype myself as a typical American male. Which carries two issues: 1-I never know what to get anyone for Christmas, which leads to issue.....2-I usually shop for everyone starting Dec 23rd at 2100.
So this year a brainstorm came to me on how to solve this issue and share pride in my boat to and with Family and Friends.
The First Item shown is a typical Boat "Ball Cap", with name and Logo. These particular hats were made right at the Annapolis Boat Show. They cost $20 US name only, or $25 US w/Logo. There are many places online that I'm sure can provide them before the 25th. Note the yellow Dog PFD behind the hats, thats a mandatory gift for your 4 legged friend.
The Second item is a custom printed Hoodie. On the front is the boats name, picture of her namesake, and the boats "motto". On the back is the "NAME, LOGO and HAILING PORT" as seen on her escutcheon, along with her registration number. I had six of these printed up for family members. They only take a couple of days to produce and can be express shipped, so there's still time. I purchased them from for $45 US each. These particular ones are screen printed, as opposed to digitally printed. Really easy to design online, allowing you to upload your own graphics, or use their canned graphics or fonts. The only hindsight regret I have is not putting "MacGregor 26X" somewhere on it in the appropriate MacGregor Font to further my "Mac Pride". Next summer the "T" shirts with LAIKA's Plaque on it for the kids and friends will have that. FWIW, these also make great "on the go" conversation pieces about your boat.
The Third Item is merely a picture to show LAIKA in "Christmas Dress". Don't forget know and go out and dress your boat for your particular Holiday as well. Show off that pride. Perhaps we can get a photo contest rolling for this!
Finally: One and all, thank you for all the Post's and Mod's, keep 'em coming. May all my fellow Mac Owners have a joyous Holiday and prosperous New Year.

Published by: Laika 26X

Model Year: 2002
Photo Caption: Custom Embroidered Hats

Custom Screen Printed



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