Trailer mod - double axis for European on-road use

Published date: February 26, 2010
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

US trailer is not allowed to be used in EU countries for on-road purposes. Anyway, one axle trailer without brakes is not very safe for trailering, I modified it and then (with support of local trailers producer) certified for on-road use.
I put 2 axles + brake from KNOTT (both special for boat trailers), 4 pcs of 13inch wheels and I made completely new electrical installation with removable rear panel for lights and registration plate.
I used zinc, inox an aluminium materials only.
Then I made some other small improvements, because the original quality is not very good.
Only missing mod is to fix spare wheel somewhere and change the small front wheel, which is very poor in stock version :-)

Published by: Hovez

Model Year: 2009


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