Fuel Locker

Published date: May 11, 2010
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

I wanted a better place to keep fuel tank, but did want to locate it below. I saw on this site, how others made some nice lockers in the aft cockpit area. So, here is my take on that. I started with a foredeck hatch and frame from a V-222. It was a scrap boat, so I cut out the area around the hatch with a circular saw and fit it in the cockpit. It works perfect, I have room for a 6 gal fuel tank, my Racor filter and room to spare. Plus I now have a place to sit amidship when steering. The fuel tank sits on a wooden "frame" so water can still get to the cockpit drain. The fuel line runs through the side of the footwell, into the inside, then through the transom to the motor. It is run through 1-1/2 hose, sealed to thru-hull fittings to keep potential fumes out of the interior.

Published by: THE CUSCUS

Model Year: 1979


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