Published date: May 13, 2010
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HOT WATER NOW AVAILABLE! After lots of consideration, I decided to put in a pressurized water system. This is only the hot water installation I talk about here. I tried to find a 1000 watt heat to use of my inverter but was not successful. I found a 1200 Chinese made unit but did not like the construction. I choose an Insinkerator 2.5 gal. unit that weighs approx 35 lbs. when full of water. It is designed to be mounted on the wall, so I mounted into the corner of the Vberth and front bulkhead approx. 4.5" above the floor area to allow for cushions and covers to work normally. This model has a bronze tank is easily drained. This location put me in close proximity to my shower faucet I installed in my head after waterproofing it and installing drain/sump. I recommend using brass fittings instead of plastic, modest temp settings, and I used flex 3/8 water lines instead of 1/2" because it can take more pressure with hot water and conserved water at the same time. I also used 2 s/s clamps whenever possible. I then just plug it in to my shore power connection which I can hook up to generator or 15AMPS via a 30 amp to 15 amp adapter if needed. One nice thing about the water heater is that it also has it's own on and off switch on the front of it so you don't have to plug it in or unplug it to stop heating the water. We are on inland fresh water only and you will have to be your own judge as to salt water area use. I gave $175 for the water heater itself. Thanks, Steve Landreth

Published by: landman52

Model Year: 2006
Photo Caption: Electric Insinkerator 2.5 gal water heater installed

Shower fauct installation

Mounted adjacent to Head- saves water


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