Cabin Heater Safety Warning

Published date: September 17, 2010
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

Warning! Be careful w/any cabin heater using propane, kerosine, butane, diesel, or any open flame or ignition point (electric heaters as well). All of these, esp Gasoline fumes, are heavier than air. Bad combination! Gasoline's attributes: low flash point, easy vaporization when exposed to air, heaviness compared to air make it seek out ignition sources at low points. IF YOU REFILL OR JUST UNCAP YOUR GAS TANKS while the companionway is open, Gas fumes can flow down into the cabin. Boom! Some people cannot smell some of these gases. Be absolutely certain you are sure clear of ANY ignition source such as a heater, lantern, lit stove, etc. Also all open flame heaters generate carbon monoxide, which is also heavier then air and is odorless and colorless. Propane and butane are heavier than air. Don't go to sleep while any of these operating, even with hatches and companionway open and w/carbon monoxide detectors on, which are notoriously unreliable (but buy a separate carbon monoxide alarm anyway and place it as low down in the cabin as you can. It will provide some protection). Be careful.

Published by: Zazoozaz

Model Year: 2001


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