Fold-Away Trailer Hitch

Published date: January 18, 2011
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

Ordered the bracket online for about $85 including shipping. Installation was pretty strait forward, only real tricky part was getting it all square and strait. Hard to measure and it is a fairly loose fit so it took a while to get it all torqued up and looking strait. The bracket is rated at 5,000lb if the cut is 24 inches from the end of the hitch and goes down to 3,500lbs if the tongue is cut 36 inches from the hitch, mine is right about 25 inches.
I have an over-sized garage but had to park it @ 45 degrees to get it to fit, now I can park it strait in without taking up both sides of the garage.

Published by: markh1f

Model Year: 2009
Photo Caption: Insrtuctions

Folded Open



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