mast wiring: conduit, anchor light, deck light

Published date: April 27, 2011
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Previously, I've simply run a $4 walmart LED solar light up a halyard while at anchor. I bought an LED anchor light and an LED steaming light / Halogen Deck light combo on ebay. I bought 4 10' sched 40 1/2" conduits to run up the mast for wiring.

I cut saw teeth in the end of the first, twisting the conduit will pushing. The sawed through the foam quite easily for the fisrt 5 feet or so. Then It got to where I couldn't turn the conduit even with a pipe wrench. After that, I simply pounded the conduit in with brute force. once through, I cut off the excess.

I elected to reuse the two wires for the factory steaming light using the three-way, center off switch method posted on this site by others! With these configuration that switch powers either the steaming light or the deck light. I ran new wires from the mast top through the conduit to the base. This was easy once I used romex to fish the length of the mast so that I could pull the wires down-- until then, I spend about two hours trying different methods to get the wires down the mast.

I picked up a west marine four plug deck connectory to replace the broken factory 2 wire plug. More pics and explanations are at

Published by: Doug W

Model Year: 2010
Photo Caption: good old fashion hammer technique.

adding additional conduit sections

wires to be added to new four pin connector


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