Rudder Torque Tube Bushing

Published date: July 7, 2011
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

In my 26M, the steering linkage has always been a bit sloppy. When investigating, I noticed the fiberglass towers which hold the tops of the rudder torque tubes were quite worn. I suspect that was from the factories oversized hole and a few years of the rudders clacking back and forth. The starboard side had nearly 3/16 inch of play while the port side was just over an 1/8 inch.

To remedy the situation, I ground down the fiberglass towers and fashioned a few precision (friction tight) fitting bushings from delrin (Polyoxymethylene). I purchased two 2.5" square blocks 3/4" thick from Taps Plastics. I fixed up a batch of epoxy resin with flox to make a structural pad to level the fiberglass rudder towers and surround the delrin. Since nothing really bonds to delrin, I had to encase them into the tops of the rudder towers, and the final step was to fiberglass over them with cloth and resin.

This mod is great, the rudder torque tube are friction tight. They don't move up, down, or left, right unless you exert a mild force on them. In addition to removing slack from the steering, and quieting yet another "clunk" while sleeping in the berth this mod makes the boat a little more water tight.


Published by: u12fly

Model Year: 2006
Photo Caption: You can see the gap between the fiberglass tower and the rudder torque tube

Here you see the resin flox leveling pad which helps encase the delrin

Final step is to cover the assembly with fiberglass and epoxy resin


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