Poor man's traveler

Published date: July 11, 2011
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

I have tried to figure out where to mount a traveler that would work with the existing end boom sheeting, and with my bimini installed. I have come up with this, makeshift main sheet set up, and it seems to perform really well to windward! And best of all, it was completely free, just re-arrange the existing lines!
If you re-route the line from the block at the end of the boom to the windward side of the boat (pass the line under the tiller) and wrap it around the mooring cleat, when you sheet in the main, all the force is directed to the windward side of the boat. This holds the boom well past the mid point of the boat and get you that extra couple of degrees to windward!!
Happy sailing.

Published by: shawndutchcanadian

Model Year: 1976


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