Swim Ladder Steps Upgrade

Published date: August 28, 2011
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

Getting in an out of the water using the factory swim ladder was just too hard on the bottoms of your feet... I combind two different types of solutions to address the probelm. Sole Mate Ladder Treads (clamp on)for the 2nd and 4th step and Ladder Step Pad, 4" and 7" for the bottom and middle steps from Catalina Direct (riveted in and bedded w/3M 4200). The Sole Mate add-on was the easiest part but they don't fit in the bottom or middle treads due to the way they are built.

Published by: henecle

Model Year: 1993
Photo Caption: Upgraded swim ladder steps

Bottom Step

2nd & 4th Steps


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