Faucet Replacement

Published date: October 10, 2011
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Well, 9 + years and 3 owners the stock sink finally faucet bit the dust. It appeared to have been going south the last 3 seasons I've owned LAIKA so I knew it was bound to happen. Now since I never use the head faucet, one would think I'd just swap it out. But that one was toast the day I bought LAIKA.
So I went a "Googling" with hopes of finding the stock replacement, but alas, no luck was to be mine! So I went to the trusty "Defender" site and browsed the pumps. Being the energy conscience dude that I am, electric pumps were out of the question. Also, I only use my onboard water tanks for washing, so all I need to do is fill the sink and/or rinse. So a hand pump is good enough.
Though not quite a direct replacement, the WHALE FLIPPER MK4 fit the bill perfectly. I did have to enlarge the mounting hole as well as dill an alignment hole, two former screw holes are exposed but they can easily be filled with Marine-Tex. One thing I did notice. The stock pump had a 3/8" fitting. The MK4 used 1/2" tubing, which is exactly what the 5 gal water tank uses, so I did NOT need the 3/8-1/2 inch adapter fitting I inadvertently purchased. That ended up in the "spares" box.
I'm very happy, as happy as one can be with a faucet, and recommend this as a near replacement for 26X owners that need it. Its operation exceeds the old one as it seems to prime very quickly, and holds its prime.

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Suggested Sources:
Faucet: Whale Flipper MK4 Pump Faucet, P/N:GP0418, MFR: Whale Vendor: Defender # 500940

Published by: Laika 26X

Model Year: 2002
Photo Caption: WHALE FLIPPER MK4


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