Rear Berth Porthole for Light and Fresh Air

Published date: November 29, 2011
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

I saw this feature on a spendy yacht at the Seattle Boat Show and decided to incorporate the concept into our recently purchased Mac 26X. We found a new, in the sealed box, opening/screened porthole at the used boat parts place in Newport Beach, CA area for half the price of new. This allows the "pizza oven" rear berth to be not so confined feeling plus allows for fresh air. I plan on creating a filler that can be inserted between the screen and opening window to work as a curtain to block the light in the mornings. I am very happy with the addition to our 26X.

Installations suggestions: I discovered when cutting the hole with a thin-bladed disk grinder, that there are two layers to cut through. The cockpit area is one and the ceiling/wall of the rear berth is another. They were about an inch apart so I made some wooden blocks to sandwich in between prior to bolting together to keep things firm and tight. I used white caulking during and after on the cockpit side to prevent any leaks. To prevent the fiberglass dust from getting all over inside the rear berth and cabin, I did the following. I first marked the shape of the cutout on the cockpit side. Then drilled a hole through the middle of it so on the rear berth side I would know where the middle would be. Then duck taped a cardboard box on the berth side to allow me to make a mess cutting but confine the dust to inside the box. When I had cut the two layers of holes out, I simply used a small vacuum to clean up the cockpit area and the inside of the cardboard box. Once I removed the cardboard box there was very little clean up to do on the berth side. It worked magically.

Published by: leiske

Model Year: 1995
Photo Caption: Porthole - cockpit side

Porthole - rear berth side


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