engine link to rudders

Published date: January 12, 2012
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

This mod intends to facilitate the engine connection and disconnection from the rudder link as well as ensuring the rudders are aligned with the engine. It is replacing the stock solution with one that does not require any tools to couple and decouple the engine from the rudders. It is made out of a 1/2 tube 1/16 wall thick and 2 rod end bearings, a male and a female - 3/8 24 threads.
The male end is inserted and epoxy glued in the tube. For the female, I cut the end of a 3/8 stainless steel 24 threads screw, inserted and epoxy glued it at the other end of the tube while exposing ~ 1 1/4 of the thread. Based on how much the female rod end is screwed we can control the overall length of the link and the alignment of the rudders with the engine. The female attaches to either the fixed point, keeps the engine straight and disconnected from the rudders while sailing, or to the rudder arm when the engine needs to be used.

Published by: Calin

Model Year: 2006


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