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Published date: June 14, 2012
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We want to stay onboard overnight so we needed an anchor light. I have read alot of blogs regarding temporary anchor lighting; I read a mod on this sight that actually made me put off adding an anchor light for several (several) months. The mod I just mentioned told a story of "pounding" through a 30 foot mast filled with styrofoam with a mallet and PVC. I didn't want to have to go through that...but if it's what I have to do, I'll do it. It finally got to the point that I had to tackle this job head on as I was running out of time. Cindy and I removed the mast and I took a look at what I had to do. I drilled out the rivets holding the mast cap on and...Great news! You don't have to pound through 30 feet of styrofoam; the piece at the top of the mast was about four inches thick. It slipped out easy enough. I then used my nylon fish tape to pull the romex up through the mast along side the styrofoam. The part of the job I had been dreading over many months took about 15 minutes. I poked the wires through the top piece of foam and reinserted it.

I wired the light through the mast cap and added a piece of 1/2 inch PVC pipe between the holes left by the rivets so when I put the mast cap back on I wouldn't distort the shape of the top of the mast when tightening the nut and bolt. As it turns out, I used screws instead of a nut and bolt. The PVC was still necessary, it now ensures the lights wires are protected from the screw tips; the screw tips are housed inside the PVC.

I replaced the two pin OEM deck plug and recepticle with a four pin deck plug/recepticle and installed a separate toggle switch next to the cabin light over the seat next to the mirror.

All in all, the anchor light took no more than an hour to install.

Ron Harris
Miss Dallie

Published by: Miss_Dallie

Model Year: 2011
Photo Caption: Mast Cap

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Anchor Light


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