Entertainment Simple Solution #-2

Published date: June 22, 2012
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

Our stereo....it was about $60.00 from Amazon, is powered by D-cell batteries or 110vac adaptor. It's totally self contained, Bluetooth compatable and plays the 1000's of hours of music on my Ipad. AND....it has surprising audio quality and volume for the size and price. (This from a guy whose home stereo looks like this) It sits here when we are out on non-skid rubber feet (normally under the dodger) and has never moved with heel or on the setee table below. I have a male to male cable so we can use it for audio when watching movies on the laptop.

Published by: FPLynah

Model Year: 2009
Photo Caption: The house stereo

The MacStereo


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