New Bimini with Solar panel

Published date: August 26, 2012
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We are very pleased with our latest modification our new custom made stainless steel Bimini with large solar panel fitted to the roof. We now not only have some much needed shade over the back area of our cockpit but our new solar panel powers 2 batteries which can be run together or one at a time with the second as a much needed back up. Because we spend nearly weekend out on our Macgregor travelling between Gold Coast and Moreton Bay off Brisbane we can now keep our mobile phones, Ipad, torches, outdoor lanterns, hand held VHF radios all fully charged.
Makes our weekend trips even more comfortable. Maybe we should look now for a 12V fridge for the hot summer months ahead.

I noticed in one of your Modtracker posts that they added a spray pod in front of their Bimini. Our marine trimmer who designed and installed our Bimini also offered to build us a hatch pod if we wanted but we thought the more we enclose our boat the more we lose the great aspects of enjoying the openness and elements that come with being at sea. We have a boom cover that can go up quickly when we camp for the night but even in rainy and windy conditions we enjoy the sea spray and exhilaration of it all. We sort of compared it between being in an open sports car compared to a sedan.

We have a few more options planned: 1) An electric winch, 2) water pump for gallery sink and 3)a total refit of our gallery. Our previous owner did a homemade gallery upgrade that is very lacking in design and practically... and sadly very home handyman. From some of the photos we have seen the original gallery would have had black perspex doors and hatches. Luckily our friend is a real craftsman in luxury boat fit outs so waiting on him to come up with a new gallery design for us to fit our 26X. We would be very interested in hearing what others have done to improve gallery especially for storage.

Also wondering why the previous owner decided to change the original gallery fit out. Hoping some 26X owners have some useful insight on this.

Published by: KookaSnook

Model Year: 2002
Photo Caption: This is the solar panel mounted on top of our Bimini

The Bimini site just behind the steering column


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