Honda impella replacement

Published date: September 23, 2012
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Just wanted to give heads up on changeing impella and parts required.
When you change the impella and gaskets , be sure you have all the fins in same rotation. This can be a little tricky as you need to put in the T pin within 1/2 inch space and without knowing you can counter rotate the impella to line up this pin.
I removed mine and saw 2 blades going oposite direction.
This will cause much less water going thru system and cause over heating.(I have had this in since last change almost 3 years ago)
It was probably my fault from last impella change as I didn't make sure all impellas were going same direction.
Also there is a rubber fitting over the expell tube, make sure it's there (mine was gone)
I also replaced the thermostate that also requires a gasket. When apart I put a high pressure hose in both chambers to flush out. I than filled with White vinigar ,let it set for 20 min. than added the new gasket and thermostate with a very clean edge.
Restarted and never in 4 years had this great of flow from P hole.

Published by: DaveB

Model Year: 1997


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