Swing keel line to cockpit (direct way) and grab rail next to galley

Published date: October 14, 2012
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

There are a few mods already listed that show how to redirect the swing keel control line to the cockpit. Mine was coming out in front of the galley where it would be cleated off. Very unpractical for single handed sailing. I devised a slightly different, direct way. I installed a 1" tube (stainless steel shower rail that was left over from a project at home) with two rail brackets extending from the galley to the ceiling above (beneath the instrument panel). On its own this already makes a very sturdy grab rail. The tube does extend by 1.5 to 2 inches below into the space under the galley and above next to my instrument panel. I removed the old keel control line and old plastic pipe. The existing swing keel wire is now going straight through a new 1" internal diameter plastic tube up through the metal tube. I tied a new control line (4 meters of 4 mm dyneema) onto this. This is going through the ceiling into a through hull block and from there to an existing fairlead port side. Finally it goes from there to a double jammer that until now had only been used for one rope. Easy. To reduce the risk of water coming in from the deck via the block I've covered this with a clam shell vent. Might have to change this to a bigger one or a hawse pipe cover (and will take a new picture of this clean without any tissue paper on it :-) ).

Published by: FinallySailing

Model Year: 1994
Photo Caption: Doubles up as grab rail and contains the wire/rope to lift keel.

Tube connects to stainless steel rail under galley.

Through hull block covered with clam vent.


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