Micro Wind Turbine Generator (Project in Progress)

Published date: January 28, 2013
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

I purchased Cyber 150 Micro Wind Turbine (150 Watts) in picture #1 from Ebay, which is designed to produce a maximum of 30vdc and 5 amps, includes blocking diode, has a 22" rotation diameter, weighs 3.5 pounds and requires a 3/4" mounting pole.

Currently trying to determine proper mast support configuration and have posted both options for testing and will update with progress.

The end result is to connect to wind/solar hybrid controller to battery and load.

I am currently trying the mounting example configurations in picture #2.

***Update: Test Result Findings - Prior to performing the effort to install, I wanted to get some performance readings for wind speed vs voltage/amps output. I did this by holding the generator outside my car window while driving between 15mph - 30mph and clipped to a Multimeter. The output was confirmed to be DC (not AC).

-Driving at 15mph, voltage varied between 12v and 19v with about 1 amp.
-Driving at 30mph, voltage was surprisingly less at 12v to 15v with about 1 amp (not sure why it was less at higher speeds...maybe windshield was deflecting windstream?)

Since the test results were positive, I will proceed with a mast mount and provide updates. Also, to give you an idea how small this device is, check out the updated photo #1, which is me holding the generator I tested.

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Published by: macr

Model Year: 1996


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