Water pressure pump and lines

Published date: March 6, 2013
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In order to support our sink and shower I installed an electric water pump which is simply mounted to the internal structure of the boat just port of the battery compartment. This allows the pump to be as low as practical in the water system. The pump is a flojet, and has an internal pressure switch such that we can leave it powered whenever we are onboard the boat giving us immediate water flow when you turn any water valve.

Water is sourced from a 200 liter flexible tank under the aft berth. After going through the pump, the pressurized water splits to feed the cold water sink valve and the hot water heater on the aft transom. Hot water out of the heater splits (inside the hull) to feed the transom shower and run back to the kitchen sink hot water valve. I used half inch flexible tubing throughout the boat except for the hard mounts that attach the pipe fittings on the exterior of the boat.


Published by: u12fly

Model Year: 2006
Photo Caption: Pump mounted, starting to run water lines

Cold water out to heater; hot water back into the boat

Hot & cold water lines feeding the galley sink


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