Anchor light installation (Part 1)

Published date: March 10, 2013
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

I created a 32 feet long drill-set since I didn't know how much foam is in the mast. I used a 48" long flexible drill (3/8") from HF as starter and 7 each 3/16" steel rods (48" long) from HD and cut 10-24 treads for about 1" at each end. Then I made 7 couplers out of 3/8" aluminum-rod from HD and cut inside treads. The whole set screws together as you go and you only work with unsupported 48" of drill at any time.
First I removed the bottom piece of the mast and then drilled out the rivets holding the mast-cap. Later I closed the rivet-holes with electrical tape and drilled and tapped new holes for 8-32 screws. The actual drilling for the wires went really smooth since there are only about 12-15 feet of foam on the top of the mast.

Published by: Obelix

Model Year: 2008
Photo Caption: Drill-Set

Connecting another rod

Drilling complete


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