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Published date: March 15, 2013
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I was inspired to do this mod by seeing macr's "LED HD 19 inch TV with DVD and 12v DC plug" posting. I was amazed at how inexpensive Led TVs have become. The cost of all materials for this mod was less than $300.

The Asus EeeBox PC was purchased used from a friend for almost nothing.

No wall mount bracket was used to mount the TV. Just four holes drilled through the head bulkhead to match the VESA 100 x 100 template. The TV was fastened to the wall with four M4 10mm machine screws. This kept the profile flat so that the dinette seat is still usable. I used rubber washers between the bulkhead and the TV to provide a little cushioning. I also used the four machine screws to mount four small hooks inside the head.

I used a cardboard template complete with VESA 100 x 100 holes taped to the mirror to find the optimum location where the TV can be viewed while seated at the dinette table, from the aft berth, or from the cockpit. Once I had the perfect location figured out I just drilled four holes right through the template. I also had to make sure that I left enough room at the lower-right corner of the TV to insert or remove a DVD.

The TV uses very little power and works fine using 12V instead of AC power. The family enjoys being able to watch TV and movies, and the bulkhead mounted nettop computer turns the TV into a great nav station. The idea for the built in low power Computer/Nav Station came from Sumner.

The small and inexpensive Flat Digital HDTV Antenna gets amazingly good reception. Some of the HD broadcast channels are crystal clear.

The ASUS computer also uses very little power and runs on either 12V DC or 120V AC power. The location behind the dagger board trunk is a great spot to hide the little Asus PC.

The wireless keyboard and mouse, and the remote for the TV are stored in a $.69 Home Depot nail apron hung from the fiberglass lip above the dinette table with stainless S clips. They are not very attractive, but will work until I find something better.

Below are links for the TV, antenna, computer, and gps receiver

24 Inch Supersonic SC-2412 12 Volt AC/DC LED 1080p Digital HDTV w/ DVD Player

Supersonic SC-607 Flat Digital HDTV Antenna With VHF and UHF

Asus EeeBox PC EB1006-W-111-5002
12V 36W AC Connector Size: 4.8mm x 1.7mm

BU-353-S4 Weather-proof USB GPS Receiver

Here are the links for OpenCPN and the free NOAA chart downloads:
OpenCPN 3.2.0

NOAA Electronic Navigational Charts

Updated 3/31/2014

The cheap Digital HDTV Antenna that I originally installed had some issues. It worked fine in the slip, but if the boat was
moved to a different location I had to re-program the channels. In other words it was basically useless while anchored or underway.

I ended up purchasing and installing the Pacific Aerials Omnipro P8022 UHF TV antenna recommended by Highlander:

I was able to purchase the antenna from I installed it on the mast arch at the stern. Since this antenna
is amplified I had to connect it to the 12V power supply. I installed a Blade Fuse Block with Cover under the dinette seat
next to the dagger board to supply fused 12V power for the TV, antenna, 12V computer, and extra 12V outlet. This antenna
provides a great picture even while the boat is underway.

Published by: Brian

Model Year: 2006
Photo Caption: Cockpit Photo

Dinette View

Pacific Aerials Omnipro P8022 UHF TV antenna


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